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“GB Armament is dedicated to the development of ‘best in class’ equipment for active duty special operations and outdoor enthusiasts. Our kit is some of the most precise and technologically advanced in the world – but rugged enough to still perform perfectly during extended deployments in extremely harsh conditions.” 

Our Process

Some say it's over-engineered. We say it meets the standard.

If you could make your own equipment and money was no object, then you would do what we do and use the best processes, materials, finishes, treatments, and even the best hardware available. We make this equipment so that special operators can depend upon our gear with their very lives; there can be no compromises. 

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We are retired U.S. Army Special Forces soldiers (the Green Berets) who spent our entire careers conducting “no-fail” missions under the harshest of conditions. Our dedication to “no compromises” is what made us successful then – and is the basis for everything we do today. 

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It’s hard to fully explain all the functionality, craftsmanship, dependability, and special features of our equipment — the videos below demonstrate the excellence of our products far better than words ever could.

How many other knives could stand up to this kind of abuse and still stay razor sharp?

Made to Spec


Instead of offering hundreds of accessories that you could buy elsewhere, we only offer cutting edge products that are not yet available to the general public. Many of these items are currently being brought into the SOCOM and US Military supply systems and use the latest and greatest  technology. We only carry items that we wish had been available to us when we were conducting missions, so you will only find unique or best-of-class accessories here.

Our Guns


We design and build these weapons for ourselves and our brothers and sisters in the US Special Operations Command. All our weapons are milled instead of stamped. Our tolerances are higher than USG and SOCOM requirements, and all of our systems have unique or patented components that can’t be found elsewhere. These systems are for professionals.


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